DJ Trick Tracks comes back for a visit.

It’s always great when friends come back to visit.One of former team members of Dance Revolution did a mix for us in March. Luke Whitehead otherwise known as DJ Trick Tracks.

Hope you enjoy the video and remember if you want to get involved and maybe even play a mix on the show don’t be shy, comment below or give me a tweet @scottmcgerty


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Suvi Richter enters the Amazing Chart

Ahead of her great debut on the Amazing Chart, the honorary Swede joined Scott McGerty via Skype for a quick chat about the track that’s been taking Soundcloud by storm. Bleeding for your love has been a big talking point on Amazing Radio in recent weeks and make sure to check out what Suvi’s entry position was on the chart

A massive congratulations to Suvi on her great entry position & here’s hoping we have her in the UK soon!

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Thumpers talk Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

Ahead of charting on the Amazing Chart on Sunday 12th May 2013, Marcus from Thumpers joined me on the phone to talk about hanging in bus stops, love for festivals and to chat about the EP.

I’m really feeling their synthpop sound and since conducting the interview, we’ve been graced with the video – the first few beats are not to be confused with the start of Girls Alouds – The Promise. Although The Promise did win Girls Aloud their Brit! Who’d have thought the ladies would cross over into the reputable synthpop territory

Check out the video here!

Lets see how they climb the Amazing Chart over the next few weeks! I’m outty! My burgers are burning.

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Oh what a night – #SRAA2013

The Four Seasons may have sang about a “late December back in ’63” but my new band called “The 3 Sony’s” will be releasing a track on ‘Dirty McGerty Records’ focussing on a night in Mid May 2013. The Sony’s have just gone down and for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, this is the Grammys, Brits or Oscars for the Radio Nerd. The biggest night in the annual radio calendar.

In 2012 I was privileged to work with UBC Media at the Sony’s producing the audio content that was provided for stations across the UK but this year was even more immense sitting on my sofa streaming via my Iphone. Even though I’m known as the North East’s radio bike due to working for Metro/TFM, Amazing Radio and Spark Sunderland concurrently, last night my focus was on being part of the Bauer Team. What was even more overwhelming was that out of Bauer’s 3 Sony’s (hence the ‘the 3 Sony’s’ band name), two of them went to the locally driven and locally focussed Metro Radio.

North East Local hero’s Steve and Karen bagged the Silver for Breakfast Show of the Year (Under 10m). Steve and Karen have a special place in my heart because in their Galaxy days, they were the first presenting duo to get a radio reaction out of me when I moved to the North East from Northern Ireland. Radio there was DULL! Back in 2005, I was a traumatized soul sitting daily in the horrendous queue for the Tyne Tunnel. Where I come from, three car’s queued behind a tractor is a worthy story for the local press, so try and imagine the pitch of my internal brain shrieks when I discovered the A19. Steve and Karen used to make the journey great craic and enjoyable. On occasions, I can remember being gutted that the traffic wasn’t worse!. Steve and Karen on the way to work sandwiched by Sally Hudson on the drive home, made for the most dangerous of journeys. How are people supposed to drive safely when you’re creased laughing? Sharing studio’s and offices with the pair simply make for a more inspirational day at work and I’d like to congratulate them on a well deserved win.

Not long after I’d finished clapping and celebrating in the living room with the Mrs, more great news blasted through my phone from the Radio Today live stream. Metro Radio was announced as the Gold Winner in the Station of the Year Category (1M +) and WOW was that deserved.

Metro Team

Mr Award – Chris Pegg – has instigated a year of change and challenge for Metro and has caused records to break. His decision to hire Steve & Karen from rival Capital and to create change within his daytime programming has shown that he knows what the North East both wants and needs. Great job Chris.

Alan Robson VS The Beeb

My brother of radio, Alan Robson, constantly provokes my most emotive reaction. I love to see that man in a tux. Preferably and loose trouser TUX as we’ve all heard the well endowed rumors **Cough **. Alan Robson knows everything about everything and he was overjoyed with the Nomination. He’s the only person that I know who could perfectly predict the Gold, Silver and Bronze for his category. I should listen to him more, get down to the bookies, then buy my own radio station. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with the master of late night radio and so exciting to be part of the team. If you’ve never ever checked out Nightowls on Metro and TFM, firstly where and have you been and secondly it’s a must do. My rule for introduction is to listen at least 3 different times on different days but be careful, this sh*t gets addictive. I mean, what radio presenter would have the guts to broadcast live from moving vehicles at the risk of signal drop out? Robbo of course! Nightowls – Saturday to Thursday 10pm until 2am

Behind every great man ……… but there’s only 1 Gaynor Marshall (Shriek)

This is just a quick opportunity to say well done and congrats to the amazing Gaynor Marshall. Gaynor is a massively integral part of the Metro and TFM Team. Without her ambition and drive, the outcome of these awards might have been different. Gaynor works her arse off, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t complain and generally becomes more addictive to be around. If you’re a radio geek like myself, then do what you can to get a day working with Gaynor under your belt. I’ve done the whole ‘living in her pocket’ thing and it stops work from being work.

The framework for the first Dolly the Sheep of radio. Love ya Gaynz

The most shocking part of the whole event was only accessible to the Radio Today LIVE listener. While the Saturdays sang live at the event, Radio today streamed a few interviews and bits of content. One of these bits of audio was Grimmy and Pat Sharp nattering about the Fun House days and Pats youthful looks for a 51 year old. The out of nowhere, Pat dropped the bomb that the Fun House Twins are now 41 YEARS OLD!! What? How did that happen?

All in all and Fun House shockers aside, it was a great 31st Sony Radio Academy Awards 2013. I want to say a big thank you and congratulations to all who entered, all who were nominated, all who were placed and all at Bauer, Metro & TFM for making it such a great Media Brand.

Watch this space as I have every intention on winning one of these.

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Bunker Dance Nathan Lee

The first video we did on Dance Revolution a few months ago was when Nathan Lee came into visit us.

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Bunker Dance Duology

The 8th of March just gone was international Woman’s Day and 107 Spark FM featured nothing but female voices on air so I was demoted from presenter to producer, thankfully Kayleigh Munday was on standby to present a fantastic show that saw Dj Joel Dodds and DJ Tyler James of Duology come and do their guest mix for us.

If you want to be featured on the show get in touch.

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Amazing Radio & the Amazing Chart to grace the DAB airwaves once again!

What an exciting morning for both lovers of New and Emerging Music and Artists/Bands alike! It has just been announced that Amazing Radio will return to DAB across London and the South East of England and not only that, but we make our Digital debut in Dublin too!

In a time where shows are becoming networked and stations like Kiss & Absolute are having to reduce their digital footprint, I feel privileged to have the continued opportunity to work with Matt Jamison and Paul Campbell. (Two Gents who really are changing the landscape of radio).

I love hosting the Amazing Chart every Sunday from 4 until 7 and I can almost countdown from 40 to 1 the whole way! Get me! This news brings such a window of opportunity to new artists and bands and I know that this will lead to a more dramatic, more exciting and more competitive chart.

Having spent summers along Portmarnock and Dollymount strands in Dublin, I am so excited about being broadcast across the city where my family lives. Perhaps some of the Raheny, Coolock and Portmarnock crews might tune in and hear their country cousin. I now feel the pressure coming from a family of such music buffs but bring it on

Dirty McGerty signing offAmazingOnDAB-radio

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